Authentic Connections. More Live Conversations. Get MORE Appointments!

Buyer Script Example

Compel leads to respond

Nudge leads with direct and personal content by email, text, and phone. Scripts and message content are included, so you always know what to say.

Nudge your leads

Automatic Pre- and Post-Call Nudges compel a response. Send listings or HotList updates prior to a call. Text "no answers" to find a better time to chat. Experiment with your own Nudges to create direct, personal and authentic connections.

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Quickset Callback Example

Power through your calls

Connect automatically without looking up numbers or email addresses. Schedule callbacks with one click and instantly move on to the next call. Follow-up with ALL your outstanding leads... ALL the time.

Keep your team on the same page

View a lead's complete email, SMS, phone, web and listing activity all IN ONE PLACE. Review conversation history and phone audio with your ISAs and team members to share information and improve your follow-up technique.

Conversation View Example

SuccessEngage versus...

External Phone Dialer

  • Automatically dials leads without lookups.
  • Create lists of leads to call.
  • Single channel.
  • Limited CRM integration.

SuccessEngage helps you quickly connect with leads over multiple communication channels - phone, email, and text message.

It's also fully integrated with the Success MyLeads CRM - no complex importing or integrations to set up. You can even display phone scripts and review the entire lead record during the call.

Email Autoresponder

  • Automatically send email to leads.
  • Create multiple campaigns to target different lead segments.
  • Single channel.
  • Impersonal.
  • Inefficient - needs big lead numbers.

Automated email by itself is inefficient because you have to generalize your message. There are also problems with deliverability and distraction.

SuccessEngage's multiple channels of communication cut through the noise by quickly creating and sending targeted, personal messages via phone, email, and text message. You create more live conversations, meaning you don't need to pour as many leads into the funnel to get results.

"Silo" Communication Tools

  • Multiple channels (using multiple tools).
  • Quickly connect with large numbers of people.
  • Systems don't interact.
  • No central conversation history.
  • Inefficient - needs big lead numbers.

Adding more communication tools solves your single channel problem, but most systems don't talk to each other. "Blasting" large groups is still impersonal and inefficient, and needs big lead numbers to produce results.

SuccessEngage records a lead's complete email, SMS, phone, web and listing search activity all IN ONE PLACE, allowing you to review with your ISAs and team members. Programmable "Nudges" trigger communication across multiple channels based on phone call outcomes.

Learn more and experience SuccessEngage as your leads do!

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